Thursday, November 8, 2012

Busy Busy!!

Yay we started our official home blog!! Be sure to FOLLOW it so we can all keep doing what we are!

(Welcome from China and Chey!)

Wow can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving. What happened!? Hope your all having a happy holiday season.

First, remember to keep on emailing The Ellen Show for suggested appearances! I'm getting a ton of emails and messages from people saying their emailing the crew, so thanks to all of you who are doing that!

*My Girl*
We'll as far as "my girl" Ms. China she's doing quite well! We wen't on a good 5 mile ride this week and are going again on a 2 day ride this weekend. Her birthday's coming up again. Time sure does fly doesn't it? Anyways, she say's to say hi to all of you and to FOLLOW this blog!! :)

Also you may have noticed the AHWAP page, that's our preview of the UPCOMING BOOK so be sure to check it out! Tell me what you think. :)

AND (Lots to report!) The "Money Movement" project is something that I hope to really grow and expand with some time. I need you guy's to forward it out to everyone you know and post it everywhere for others to see and be inspired! go to the page above and read about the movement we're all creating together!

We'll that's it for now as my first post. Please be sure to FOLLOW this blog and follow me on twitter too @cheylittle

thanks much!
Cheyenne Little and China <3