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My name is Cheyenne Little and I'm a 15 year old girl! Here's a little bit about me...

Animals are my life. My family lives on a farm and we grow and raise all of our own food including vegetables, pork, beef, chicken, milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, you name it. I'm always around animals!

Horses are my "area" of expertise and my true passion. I began riding lessons at the age of 3 and now offer training and lessons locally. I love it. But because I am not a billionaire I quickly realized horses are not cheap! So I began investing my money in cattle. Now I buy sick and injured calfs and animals to nurse back to health and sell later. I absolutely love it and taking care of the sick ones.

I'm hoping to attend UC Davis and become a large animal vet specializing in equine reproduction within the Thoroughbred racing industry. This year I will be starting my veterinary technician education in conjunction with my high school education. I hope to be soon offering mobile vet tech services locally as well as cattle reproduction services AIing dairy cows and heifers. I keep very busy around here! I've been home schooled since 5th grade when I was pulled for bullying and low grades. Within 1 year of home schooling I was caught up and scoring in the advanced categories on the STAR tests in math and english. I owe it all to my mom for pulling me out of school to home school me. Now I do an independent study program and attend school Tuesdays and Thursdays each week.

I also really enjoy writing stories and songs. I am currently working on my book, "A Horse With a Purpose" and it should be coming out soon so keep an eye out! It's a true story and quite a crazy one. You can visit my "AHWAP Book" page for a sneak peek! I also really enjoy poetry and would love a career in the music industry as a lyricist. In 2010 I was invited to be a guest journalist for the AHA World Magazine and cover Youth Nationals in New Mexico. Sadly I had to turn down the amazing offer but it was a huge step in my journalism/author career. I also had the opportunity to work with a couple of amazing and incredibly kind music artists in Nashville in 2011. They helped me so much with finding myself in the music world and how I could improve.

In my free time I love riding horses, hanging out with my crazy friends, and (as crazy as it is) delivering calf's.

I am a devoted Christian and love spending time with my friends at a teen youth group each week after my hip hop class with my best friend.

I also really enjoy school, anatomy and history are my favorite subjects!

A lot of people probably made it to this website through my petitions as well. But for those of you who didn't I spend a lot of time fighting against equine slaughter in the USA and created the EBC System (Equine Breeding Certification). I am working on setting it up here in the USA but I have also been asked to set it up in England, Australia, Mexico, and Canada. For now I'm sticking to the USA but I hope to expand soon!!!

Well those are some of the main things about me! Hope you enjoy my website.

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