If your interested in doing an article, blog, newspaper, or anything on me or my causes please contact me! I'm totally open to doing them as I'm trying to rasie publicity for my causes and really enjoy talking to new people. :)
Watch my introductory video about me, China, the equine breeding certification system, and my petition against equine slaughter! I also have some cool training/riding videos on my channel!

Newspaper article:
Read about the reopening of equine slaughter houses in the USA and what Make a Little Difference is doing about it!

Newspaper article:
Read about my upcoming book "A Horse with a Purpose" a book about mine and China's amazing journey together!

RT Fitch recently wrote a wonderful article and posted it on his blog about me and my causes! Take a look and be sure to comment!
RT Fitch did another really nice article on my first petition regarding Equine Slaughter Houses
Here I was a Guest Article for the AAHSA, a GREAT blog!

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